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Jessie Zalla is the owner and director of Zalla Pilates located in Brooklyn, NY.  She has taught Pilates, Anatomy,  and Dance for over 18 years and currently travels teaching her workshop "Out of Your Joints and Into Your Muscles" to all teachers looking to deepen their practice. Her style of teaching draws from a deep knowledge and practice of anatomy, her experience as a professional dancer,  her intuitive eye and her open communication with her students.  

Jessie is committed to spreading the very heart and soul of the Pilates method motivating  her students to detoxify with deep breath, oxygenate with an internal shower, move their spines with grace and ease and to become uniformly developed and strong in both body and mind. 

For Jessie, Pilates is as much about a new self-awareness as it is about movement and exercise. Jessie cultivates in her students the ability to perceive, identify, and direct their own bodies with precision, subtlety and grace.


Kristine was trained in the esteemed classical tradition of Romana Kyrzanowska by Rachel Taylor Segel and Amy Taylor Alpers of The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. She is a teacher of students from novice to advanced who are looking to deepen their practice and understanding of Pilates.  

Kristine was first introduced to Pilates while pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance and Choreography at the University of Montana in Missoula. Since that introduction in 2002, Kristine's passion for movement and learning led her to the renowned Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado to continue her study of Pilates. She completed the Advanced Teacher Training Program in 2009. Since completing the program, Kristine has continued her study of Pilates, anatomy and functional movement by attending various workshops, extensively reading and exploring with her coworkers and clients as well as attending the annual Pilates Method Alliance conference. Kristine received her Certified Pilates Teacher certification from the PMA in 2013. Also in 2013, Kristine became a Host Advisor for The Pilates Center and currently trains teachers by facilitating weekly discussions on anatomy, movement skills and teaching skills. Kristine is currently the only TPC Host Advisor in New York City.

Kristine's teaching style is rooted in classical Pilates and informed by her knowledge of anatomy, functional movement, developmental movement and ideokinesis. Kristine truly believes in the Pilates Method as a system of movements designed to reeducate the body through neuromuscular repatterning in order to “return to life.” When not in the studio, Kristine enjoys gardening in her backyard in Bushwick and going on camping adventures with her husband.


It was the arrival of Karrie's son Chester in 1998 that first brought her into the Pilates studio. Feeling out-of-sorts and gone soft, she tried Pilates and the experience went to her core, not only restoring her body, but also boosting her self-confidence. The results were so amazing that she delved in to Pilates, studying with Master Instructor Romana Kryzanowska, a protégé of Joseph Pilates. She was so inspired by Romana’s teaching and the method itself that Karrie wanted to teach and share her story of coming to Pilates with the world. In that spirit, she wrote two books on Pilates, both aimed at helping people - especially women - recover and find their inner strengths.

Specializing in helping new mothers to get back to their core and feel like themselves again, she also teaches athletes, dads, people looking for relief from injuries and aches and pains of aging, and people who just want to get in shape and feel great in their bodies.


(Currently on Maternity Leave)

Originally from Northern California, Amber has been living in NYC for 19 years, and it was here that she first encountered Pilates. Initially exploring the method as a rehabilitative means following breast surgery, she continued to be drawn by the positive atmosphere, impressive knowledge of her teachers, and the exhilarating feeling she experienced during and after each workout. Amazed at how quickly Pilates was able to effect change on her body and state of mind, she became inspired to immerse herself in her studies and go deeper by becoming an instructor.

She completed the Comprehensive Training Program and Mat Certification Program at Core Pilates NYC and is excited to share the benefits of this method with others. Amber finds that applying what you learn in the studio to your everyday life will completely transform your physical and mental well being. Along with an increased understanding of the Six Principles, she believes each session should include laughter and challenges and her teaching goals include deeper breathing, lengthened posture, improved strength and flexibility, and greater alignment.



Benjamin Stuber  PMA®-CPT

Benjamin Stuber has been involved with the Pilates community for seven
years. After over seventeen years of fascinated study of numerous
bodymind integration methods (The Six Viewpoints, Butoh, Suzuki Actor
Training, Body Mind Centering™, Shamatha meditation), Pilates has
become the central focus of his teaching. Benjamin believes that good
movement is inherently healing for the total self, and continues to
pursue a contemporary understanding of the original teachings Pilates
brought to the world. He holds a Pilates certification from The Art of
Fitness in NYC, a BA in Theatre from Oberlin College, an MFA in
Theatre – Contemporary Performance from Naropa University, is
certified by the Pilates Method Alliance, and in 2015 graduated from
the Kathy Grant Heritage Training® taught by Cara Reeser. Benjamin
continues to study with various master teachers in New York and abroad
to further enrich his understanding of Contrology. He writes about all
things Pilates at www.newcontrology.com.