Out of your joints and into your muscles with Jessie Zalla

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A workshop for teachers, students and movers who want to understand muscular integration

This workshop will help you understand uniform development, the way Joseph Pilates intended his work to be performed. Learn how to move with efficiency and ease in a strong and supple body. 

  • What does it look like and feel like to stand, sit, and move from your whole muscular system as opposed to hang out in your joints?  This is useful in all aspects of life, not just during exercise!
  • Why & how can you defy gravity during exercises? What is Tensegrity? And how do Pilates machines work to help us use tension wisely to create space in our own bodies?
  • Understand what it means to collapse or hang out in your joints, and how to correct old patterns and rid the body of unnecessary pain.

To book this workshop with Jessie for your studio, please contact us at info@zallapilates.com



SPINAL TOOLKIT for the Pilates Practitioner with Blossom Leilani Crawford & Marshall Hagins

Sunday, September 24th   AND  Sunday, October 8th // 11am-7pm

Learn to see your client's spine with X-Ray vision...

SPINAL TOOLKIT for the Pilates Practitioner

Can you see your client’s spine as though with “X ray vision” during Pilates exercises?  

For example, can you see and describe why some clients always twist to one side when they do the Roll UP or always sit with one hip higher while sitting on the Short Box on the Reformer? Do you know how to correct your client’s spinal asymmetries without creating poor alignment up or down the spinal chain?  Has your experience with spinal workshops left you confused by biomechanical terms with little practical information when you are back teaching in the studio?  

In the SPINAL TOOLKIT course you will learn simple, practical methods to be able to see and describe your client’s spinal movement patterns. Each person’s unique spinal preference for motion is at the core of how they move. You will learn how to identify the most common asymmetrical spinal movement preferences and how to provide practical, safe and concise cues to help correct or modulate those preferences to move the client to increased symmetry of movement potential. These strategies can be used for all clients regardless of ability or fitness level.

How is this workshop is different than your usual two day Pilates course?

  • Conceived and taught as a collaboration by a Pilates teacher and a Physical Therapist
  • Active Learning: You will be challenged to actively perform techniques during the course to ensure that genuine learning has occurred and you can use these techniques immediately
  • Designed for Pilates teachers:  All information is aimed at expanding understanding within the Pilates Curriculum.
  • Starting Strong: The course offers “Pre-Course” instruction in a set of short videos  that all participants will have access to so that everyone comes into the classroom with the same base of knowledge.
  • Break between Day 1 and Day 2:  Unlike most courses, there is a break between day one and two of the workshop so you can practice the exercises with your regular clients.
  • Feedback: On Day 2 you are encouraged to bring in examples of your experiences with client using the new material.  You may bring in video or simply describe your clients and receive feedback from Marshall or Blossom.

Blossom Leilani Crawford is the owner and director of Bridge Pilates in Brooklyn, New York. She delivers her playful and powerful teaching methods that was developed during the seventeen years she worked with Pilates Elder Kathleen Stanford Grant. Since then, Blossom has made it her mission to expose each one of her students to the joy and satisfaction that comes from intelligent exercise.

She is known for her ability to seamlessly integrate Pilates lineages as the situation demands, and for her insight into Kathy’s work. The diverse stylistic approaches Blossom can access on the spot has made her a sought after Pilates instructor at conferences throughout the United States and abroad. Most importantly, Blossom is the fiercely proud mother of two children—which means balancing the career she loves with her desire to get dinner on the table in time!

Dr. Marshall Hagins attended North Carolina School for the Arts as a ballet major before moving to New York where he danced both on and off-Broadway. Leaving dance, he got his BS in physical therapy, and a masters and PhD in Biomechanics and Ergonomics from New York University and a second doctorate from the University of St. Augustine in manual physical therapy. Dr. Hagins is Emeritus Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at Long Island University having taught there for 20 years. He is a Senior Clinical Research Associate at Harkness Center for Dance Injuries in Manhattan and a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedics (OCS) by the American Physical Therapy Association. Dr. Hagins has worked with members of the New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Merce Cunningham Dance Company, among others and has been the company physical therapist for Mark Morris Dance Group for 25 years. He has published over 35 papers in peer reviewed journals in the areas of Dance Medicine, Sports Injuries, Ergonomics, and Alternative Medicine (yoga). He has been practicing physical therapy for 28 years and is the owner of Brooklyn Arts Physical Therapy housed within the Mark Morris Dance Center.  


Pilates Beyond The Studio With Kristine Olson

May 6, 2017 // 3-5pm at Zalla Pilates

Take your knowledge of Pilates out of the studio and into your life.

This 2 hour workshop will review some of the exercises you already know and show you how they correlate to your everyday activities from carrying your bags and groceries, walking up and down stairs, using your phone, all the way to managing a crowed subway car.

Additionally, you will leave with exercises to practice at home to keep your Pilates brain and body limber.