Our meditation workshops are lead by the wise and wonderful Jennifer Dopierala every first Sunday of the month. Themes include boundaries, connecting to the earth, working with the heart, and finding space through the central channel. 

Previous attendance is not required!

More about Jennifer here.


Friday January 12th, 2018

6.30- 8pm at Zalla Pilates Studio


It’s easy to run through our day disconnected from ourselves with stagnant, lifeless energy. We can feel asleep running through the motions.

This Friday we will learn to breathe life into our very cells, waking ourselves up and breaking down our solidified ways of being.


Sunday July 16th, 2017

5-7pm at Zalla Pilates Studio


The lower belly can connect us to an entire universe. It can be incredibly soft and peaceful, an open space that connects us to a space bigger than ourselves. The lower belly can also hold on to so much stress, emotion and resentment that go unresolved. This can cause poor digestion, overeating and constant contraction.

Using our breath and visualization, learn how to soften and open the lower belly to both unwind what is ready to be let go of, and connect into a bigger space.