LIVE LIVE (beauty products)

live live and organicâ„¢ has been recognized and embraced as the premier store for organic + raw + gluten-free + plant-based lifestyle. 

They specialize in unique products of exceptional quality from all over the world. In addition, they offer nutritional consultations, cleansing programs, classes & lectures.


Matthew's signature is movement and texture, with a keen focus on soft lines and integrative color, specializing in curly hair.

Educated in San Francisco, Matthew Mommer began working with HairPlay and the Joe Hammer Academy Team in 2001.  Matthew was drawn to HairPlay's modern and pioneering approach to hairstyling and their heavy focus on constant development.  With the salons clientele and culture being diverse and cutting edge, it allowed Matthew to conceptualize and create cuts and colors without limitations. He found a passion for teaching and soon took over the educational program at the Academy.

SKIN LASER STUDIOS (Face and body)

Skin Laser Studios takes great pride in providing state of the art permanent solutions to problem skin in a relaxed private setting with empathy and integrity.

Skin Laser Studios believes that skin can be encouraged to normalize itself. Complex natural botanicals such as plants extracts, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, fatty acids and lips-proteins provide the skin with the materials that it needs to repair itself. Acne, brown spots, fine lines, and cellulite can be reversed by your skin's own regenerative powers.

TAKE CARE (Face and body)

Take Care's techniques will quickly convince you that you can live younger and linger, keeping your wisdom and authentic character while expressing through a youthful, integrated and regenerated body. 

Their hand reared specialists are encouraged to relate personally with clients. They are trained in deep listening and believe that healing is fostered through conscious interactions.