Zalla Pailates

We are a group of teachers trained in the classical Pilates methods.  Our teachers work with you to assess your posture, improve your alignment, strengthen your body equally while leading you through a full-bodied workout system.  We teach you how to breath more fully to help energize and integrate your mind and body efficiently.

Zalla Pilates offers private lessons, semi-private lessons, and group classes on the mat and full set of Pilates machines:  reformer, tower, cadillac, chair or barrel.  We also offer multi-faceted, cross-discipline classes like the ZallaStrong Workout. No class is exactly the same and every class will challenge you to connect to both body and mind.

We believe Pilates is not just a fad; it’s a passion that produces tangible results.  We are living examples that it’s worked for us and we will bring the same to you.  If you are willing to meet us, we will meet you 100%.  We hope to see you soon!


Contrology (the Pilates method) is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.   - J. Pilates

Jessie Zalla, Owner

Jessie Zalla is a movement teacher who has taught Pilates, Anatomy, Dance, and Yoga for over 18 years. Her style of teaching draws from a deep knowledge and practice of anatomy, her experience as a professional dancer, her intuitive eye and her open communication with her students. 

An hour with Jessie could include a sweaty, old-school “classical” Pilates class; a subtle deep breathing lesson to connect the body before a standing barre warm up, or even a rollicking physio ball workout. Whatever the movement, her consistent emphasis on correct alignment challenges all of her students to continuously learn and focus.

For Jessie, Pilates is as much about a new self-awareness as it is about movement and exercise. Jessie cultivates in her students the ability to perceive, identify, and direct their own bodies with precision, subtlety and grace.